Resilient Nutrition is a Transformational Package that includes all of the vital steps for the
Nutritional Therapy Path!
The discovery process and journey to wellness begin here!


1) Health Evaluation

The first step is to put together the pieces of your life up until this point as well as your day to day routine. You will receive and fill out an initial interview form, nutritional  assessment questionnaire, and food and mood journal to collect the information that will help paint the picture of your health story.

2) Initial Consultation

This is where we begin the conversation to lay out your health history, concerns, and goals. I will go over findings revealed on your forms and fill in any questions. This visit includes the Functional Evaluation - a set of skills meant to assess your body's strengths and weaknesses. This information will help guide the personalized recommendations.

3) Personalized Recommendations

At this point, I will lay out a plan that can lead us to your desired wellness. This may include meal plans, supplementation, transitional goals, and lifestyle habits such as meditation or martial arts for wellness. 

4) Follow Up 

The amount of follow up sessions will be unique to your needs and goals. I will look over your progress, make adjustments, and re-perform the functional evaluation. One follow up call is required for this initial package. Additional support may be recommended and provided.

The Price for Resilient Nutrition which includes..

  • Initial Consultation including the Functional Evaluation

  • Meal Plans, Supplement, and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Thorough Email Support and One, 1 Hour, Follow Up Call plus
    Additional Recommendations:

Resilient Nutrition
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