Resilient Nutrition is a Transformational Package that includes all of the vital steps for the Nutritional Therapy Path!


1) Health Evaluation

Maybe your racing mind makes it hard to fall asleep at night, stress at work is draining you of life force, or you can’t quite figure out WHAT the hell to eat so you just scramble around to get some calories in. Whatever your habits and patterns are, I will hear and see you!

2) Initial Consultation

We will meet, either in person or over the phone, and continue painting your health history. I’ll work to identify the root causes of your energy leaks and support you in patching them up.

3) Personalized Plan

Your plan of action will be made just for you and include meal templates, supplementation recommendations, transitional goals, mindset coaching and lifestyle ideas such as meditation, yoga, or martial arts.

4) Follow Up 

Continued phone and email support ensure that you have the accountability and guidance you need. Follow up calls and visits provide progress tracking, implementation support, and goal setting to keep you on the path towards mental focus, physical strength, confidence, energy, and balance!

The Price for Resilient Nutrition which includes..

  • Initial Consultation including the Functional Evaluation

  • Meal Plans, Supplement, and Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Thorough Email Support, 2 Progress calls, and 1 Follow up Visit

  • And the beginning of your transformation from feeling sluggish to alive is only…

Resilient Nutrition
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