Welcome to The Warrior Healing Arts!  


Warrior Healing arts is a path and integrated philosophy based on the pillars of Nutritional Therapy and Martial Arts, which have been the core foundations of my own journey. 

I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and assistant instructor at the Shaolin Martial Arts Center where I combine the healing modalities of functional nutrition and martial arts for wellness.

 As with many people who find themselves in the healing arts, this path sprung from my own challenges and obstacles. Although with loving and well-intentioned parents, I grew up on the standard American diet of processed and toxic foods. This ultimately led to me being overweight, isolated from my peers, and insecure. I eventually developed an eating disorder (further malnutrition) and weakened mental health. I had no basis for understanding healthy weight loss, and so I overexercised and forbade food. I fluctuated between obesity and anorexia and became polarized in my health, never finding balance or self-esteem. In my teenage years, I also developed immune suppressing infections, insomnia, debilitating chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, and an all-around disempowered attitude.

Eventually, I was so painfully tired of being painfully tired, I decided to take responsibility for my health and experience of life. Through a mix of serendipity and conscious action, I landed in multiple holistic health offices and submersed myself in so-called "alternative" medicine. My health began improving slowly as I implemented what I was learning about nutrition, detoxification, herbalism, and meditation. I also began my exploration of something that always called to me - Martial arts. 


My Journey into the Martial Arts

What started as a quest to lose weight healthily and learn self-defense turned into a fervorous calling. I started experimenting with schools and styles from Hapkido to Eskrima to Capoeira, absorbing traditions and philosophies anywhere I could. After a few years, I found a system, and more importantly a teacher, that felt in full alignment with this path I was uncovering. A lineage of deep medicine, balance and power - Shaolin Kung Fu and T'ai Chi Ch'uan. I fell into deep devotion and realized the amazing potential of martial arts, especially this tutelage, to cultivate life force energy, or Qi, that addressed the imbalances that lead to many of the health crises I was witnessing in the field. Furthermore and beyond martial power and war, self-development and the refining of one's True Nature were at the origin of this traditional wisdom.

My Personal Philosophy

Over the years, I have committed myself to deeper education in functional nutrition and submersed myself into the consistent training of the mind, body, and soul, to bring you what I call The Warrior Healing Arts.  There is a precious energy that animates all of life, and many blockages in our modern day that impede that flow. My goal is to cultivate and enhance inherent power and share these techniques with others. My reason for focusing on chronic fatigue, immune system dysfunction, lack of drive, and weight issues is because... you guessed it! This is what I have struggled with the most. And while the journey is ongoing with peaks and valleys and I am constantly improving my State of Being, I feel I have navigated a path of struggle to bring solutions. 

My philosophy is based on supporting the foundations of optimal expression, reinforcing the basics of health, and tapping into the innate wisdom already present in each human body. I believe that vibrant health is the result of homeostasis, it is a baseline and a birthright. There are several ways to health and each path we walk is unique to our needs and goals.  If you feel the resonance in what I have shared thus far, please feel free to contact me and take the next steps to embody the radiant warrior spirit.